Residence Hall Council

Whether you are a freshman or a returning student, there is a good chance that you do not know a great deal about Hall Councils. This page should help to explain what Hall Councils are and what they do at STU.


The Residence Hall Council is all about community on the campus of St. Thomas University. No where is that community more important than in the residence halls. Of course, great community cannot come from outside of the halls—it must come from the inside. That is the purpose of Hall Council in a nutshell—provide a better community for the residents. This is done in several areas:

    1) Voice the opinions of the residents on important student life issues
    2) Provide entertaining and/or educational programs for the residents
    3) Manage the community resources of the hall
    4) Represent the halls in the SGA

The general membership of RHC consists of all students residing in residence halls at STU. The business assembly of RHC consists of an executive board, elected Residence Hall Senators (one from each floor), and an advisor.


  • It is the duty of each Hall Council to ensure that the best possible residential experience is being had by the residents. This is a pretty big task, but it can be broken up into several components.
  • Provide education and/or entertaining programs to enrich the lives of residents. These programs can vary from a Super Bowl Party to a info session on doing taxes. Community service events are great ways of helping the residents give back through service. The best programming occurs when Hall Councils actively work with Residence Life Staff in developing a programming plan for the year.
  • Resolve issues within the hall, such as noise problems, maintenance concerns, or vandalism. As the government of the hall, the Hall Council has the duty of responding to the problems of the residents. Each Hall Council must be creative in pursuing issues because, believe it or not, there is no issue to big for the Hall Council to handle. Additional help is given by the General Body and the Executive Board,an advisor and specifically the Director of Campus Life.
  • Ensure the keep-up of community property and manage certain hall property, such as a vacuum.
  • Represent the hall’s residents to the SGA. Through the SGA, the concerns and needs of all residents are expressed and addressed.