Student Senate

The Student Senate is the legislative body of the SGA. It is composed of students who are passionate about the growth and development of the University. We see and feel the areas that need attention at the St. Thomas, we pressure those that are able to implement positive change.

The Senate’s purpose is to represent the students. We are qualified because we are students and we are connected. We are people from all over Miami and the world. We are commuters, residents, club presidents, Resident Assistans, interns, and college basketball players, who study everything from Criminal Justice to Business and beyond. Because of this, we believe that we have an accurate pulse of the issues that go on around campus with our extremely diverse student population.

While the students at the STU are well represented by us, we know that we must be in touch with you all to stay focused on what is important. If you have a cause, concern, feedback, complaint, idea, or thought; please come see us in the SGA office in the Student Center. We have bi-weekly Senate meetings, a Senate Outreach program, and civic engagement projects that we sponsor. If you cannot find us on campus, which is IMPOSSIBLE, please drop us an email so we can set up a meeting to address your thought.

What Do Senators Do?
  • Act as a liaison between the students and the rest of Student Government Association (SGA)
  • Represent the University outside of campus.
  • Represent the student body by attending Faculty/Staff & Committee meetings.
  • Propose and implement solutions to student issues.
  • Create legislation for SGA policies.
  • Work on special projects or resolutions to change university policies.

Who We Are
Speaker of the Senate:  
Sherlyn Aikens

Samantha Hidalgo
Bereti Niclasse
Nikita Mukhi


Our Accomplishments
  • Cars2Go - (Summer 2014) - Cars2Go is now located in the Donnellon Hall parking lot.  4 vehicles are housed on campus and are available to the entire STU community.
  • Napkin Board – The napkin board was implemented in the Spring of 2014.  It is a tool that will allow direct communication between students and the cafeteria. If you have a comment about the food you liked or disliked, if you want to make a proposition to improve the service, or if you want to give general feedback, you are more than welcome to pick up the pen, write your comment on the napkin, and leave it on the Napkin Board, which is located at the exit of the cafeteria. You will receive a reply from dining services within 48 hours.
  • Physical Plant Meeting – The topics discussed withPhysical Plant were: accessibility button problems (have been repaired), outside furniture maintenance (has been cleaned and regular maintenance will continue), shuttle bus concerns (every bus stop will now have a sticker with the driver’s phone number and teh exact schedule), back gate card reader issue (will be fixed), gravel parking problems (will go through maintenance this summer 2014), pool area furniture problems (repaired and will be fixed as necessary).
  • OIT Meeting – The installation of the new hardware throughout university has been finished. Access points of the Wi-Fi increased from 90 to 340. After April 21 the network will be completely refreshed (both hardware and software wise) with the ability to access torrents and online gaming.

Student Government Constitution and Bills

Want to become a Student Senator?

Applications are now available in the SGA Office, located in the Student Center.