Student Government Association

Welcome to St. Thomas University! 

We hope you navigated to this page because you are interested in taking responsibility for your University experience. If so, you came to the right place. We are students, just like you, who all had our first day at St. Thomas at some point in time. We are transfers, undocumented people, STU residents, commuters, former athletes, former interns, mathematicians, community organizers, global marketing wizards, university publication editors, and even students... It was what it was, and we all have a different path. Ours led us here. While we all see the world and life slightly differently, we are all thrilled to be here for you as your leaders on campus.

We encourage you to take full advantage of all the wonderful possibilities that STU has to offer. We encourage you to take part in the many University activities and resources that St. Thomas offers. Our success as a group largely depends on you. Are your needs being met? Are you being challenged? Is the University doing what they say they are doing? Are you lost and in need of resources and direction? Do you need an introduction to someone? Have a brilliant idea? See something going on elsewhere and want to bring it here?!?! Visit our offices at the Center for Student Involvement in the Student Center. We are open from 9 to 5.

Who We Are

2013 - 2014 SGA Executive Board
President: Giovanni Mentor (
Vice President: Juliette Metelus (
Secretary of Communications: Tashya Melville (
Speaker of the Senate: Max Khodesivich (

What We Are

The Student Government Association is a representative governance body comprised of current undergraduate students, acting as a coordinating committee pursuing initiatives for the betterment of the University.

Executive Board
Vice President
Speaker of the Senate
Secretary of Communications 

Legislative Board
Speaker of the Senate 
7 Senators representing the Student Body  

What We Do
The SGA is responsible for maintaining communication between the students, faculty, and administration by providing the student body with a means to deal with the affairs of students and as a forum for the expression of student views. SGA sponsors many campus-wide programs each year. We currently sponsor The Bobcat Talk’s (lectures/debates/discussions), Co-Curricular workshops, the 054 Soul/Service Learning Project, and other civic engagement opportunities..

Student Organization Council (SOC)
The Student Organization Council (SOC) meetings are chaired by the SGA Vice President, who’s primary function is to serve and govern the student’s Clubs & Organizations. These meetings are gatherings of the Presidents or appointed e-board members of all clubs and organizations, allowing for information sharing, team building, and SGA updates.

Upcoming SGA Events
Please look at our current issue of the STU Monthly for current events, Bobcat Talk (Leadership and Life Skill Series) topics and locations, Amachi student mentoring orientation meetings, NSLS speaker broadcast topics and locations, Capoeira classes, civic engagement opportunities, and the weekly happenings within the worlds of our many student run Clubs and Organizations.

Important Forms and Documents