Student Leadership

Welcome to the Office of Student Leadership and Service, where we strive to provide the campus and the student body at St. Thomas University with opportunities for co-curricular learning, involvement in civic engagement projects and initiatives, leadership positions in student-run clubs & organization’s, lectures, debates, workshops, and other leadership development opportunities.

Our goal is to provide sustainable and progressive systemic leadership and life skill development programming, events, and opportunities for the entire STU community; including both our residents and the larger commuter population.

We strive to support, advise, encourage, guide, and assist the student clubs and organizations. We are student dependent in many ways, meaning that we expect the students to create the fellowship and experience that they crave. We strongly encourage the development of new interest groups and clubs, but expect the students to take the initiative. We are NOT in the business of suppressing progressive thinking with boundaries or limits. This system requires that if a student has an idea or passion, it is up to them to take the leadership role in turning their idea into an interest group, and eventually into an SGA (Student Government Association) sponsored Club/Organization. The system is not only designed to support interest groups/clubs and organizations. Individuals are encouraged to stand tall and be bold. 

We welcome all students to come by and visit us in the Center for Student Involvement (CSI), located in the Student Center. This space is your space. You can have your events, lunch, or even study in here. Please stop by and make our space yours…

In order to be truly student serving, we need to hear from you, please feel free to ask questions and make suggestions.