Office of Student Leadership and Service

The Office of Student Leadership and Service strives to provide the St. Thomas students with the opportunity to succeed and evolve into full and whole persons through many different co-curricular learning perspectives.  We advise the Student Senate and Student Government Association (SGA), provide direction to the student ran clubs and organizations, write and produce the St. Thomas MONTHLY publication, advise and mentor ICUF Fellows annually, encourage and direct the President’s Leadership Circle (PLC) and their Fellow’s.  Our curriculum is always growing and evolving, so please offer your perspective and willingness to help carry the standard of leadership.

The following programs are run through the Office of Student Leadership and Service annually:

  • Amachi Mentoring Program
  • Capoeira Classes and Cultural Learning
  • Monthly Bobcat Talk: Leadership and Life Skill Series
  • Monthly Co-Curricular Workshops
  • Town Hall Meetings
  • Student Issue Forums
  • Bi-weekly Community Service Projects
  • Civic Engagement Initiatives
  • The 054 Soul Service Learning Initiative

We gave ourselves the daunting task of keeping track of the Universities Community Service/Civic Engagement activities as a whole, and striving for 5,000 total hours of engagement for the whole academic year.  Last year we barely reached 3,000 hours, so this is a reach.

We came up with a great concept to help us reach this goal of 5,000 hours for the University, while teaching the value of service learning and civic engagement to our students.  We realized that there is a lot of civic work done domestically and internationally at St. Thomas University, but not much done in the Opa Locka/Miami Gardens area.  Please join us on our bi-weekly civic engagement projects in the 33054 community called the “054 Soul” Service Learning Initiative.  We need your help, reach us at