Athlete’s Discipline, Scholar’s Mind

Carolina Nuche, a graduate of Our Lady of Lourdes Academy high school, has just finished her first year at St. Thomas University’s School of Law. Ranked in the top five percent of her class, she credits her success to a combination of dedication and a wonderful academic support team. Carolina graduated magna cum laude from St. Thomas University's Biscayne College and is taking full advantage of the university’s Three + Three program, wherein students begin their preparation for Law School as soon as they start earning their Bachelor’s Degree.

"When I said I wanted to be a lawyer, they told me about the Three + Three program.
I signed my Letter of Intent right then and there."
Ms. Nuche came to STU to fulfill her dream of playing collegiate level volleyball. Although sidelined by injury her last season, the lessons she learned during her athletic career easily transfer to her scholarly endeavors. The will, discipline, and determination necessary to become a champion athlete also drive her to become the best student she can be.

While earning her Bachelor’s Degree in English, Carolina was particularly inspired and guided by Dr. Jamison, Dr. Montes, and Dr. Brezenski, and was very comfortable in STU’s small class environment. She felt that coming to St. Thomas after Lourdes Academy was a natural progression, mainly due to both institutions’ student-centered instruction model. 

Carolina intends to become an attorney dealing with international business, and then move into corporate law as in-house counsel for a major corporation. She is still active in sports, when her Law School schedule permits, and should be completing the Three + Three program in the next two years.