STU Student Spotlight:  Meet Emelie & Miranda

When St. Thomas University's women's soccer team became Sun Conference Champions this year, they had more than a little help from Swedish superstars, Emelie Johansson and Miranda Göransson.

"I've made great friends here.... so I'll remember great people, of course the team, and then also the whole MIAMI thing!"
- Emelie
Roommates and long-time friends, Emelie and Miranda both transferred to STU not only to complete a championship team, but also to take advantage of the personal attention and undergraduate research opportunities that abound on the beautiful St. Thomas University South Florida campus.

Emelie, a Capital One Academic All-American, is graduating with a Psychology degree. Miranda will earn a Biology degree. Both are looking forward to grad school, possibly in England, but will miss their teammates and the friends they made while living in Miami.