Undergraduate Programs

The Undergraduate Programs within the School of Theology and Ministry are grounded in Catholic Christian theology taught with a spirit of openness to all religious traditions. Students acquire vital critical skills in discussing the great religions of the world, as well as great religious themes and thinkers in conversation with their contemporary context.

The University's two-course requirement provides a basic exploration of life's most integral questions.

Religious Studies Major
This course of study provides a strong liberal arts core along with skills of personal theological reflection which prepare students for graduate professional studies or ministerial work in churches.
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Religious Studies Major On-Line
Offered for adults who have an Associate degree or the equivalent who seek formal academic grounding, this cohort model combines a single campus meeting for each course with an on-line component.
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Religious Studies Minor
Students can enhance their major in science, engineering, or other majors with knowledge of the religious tradition as well as an opportunity to develop skills of personal reflection.
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