Survey Says

July 12, 2013 - We asked you what you think of your alma mater, how you like to reconnect with the university, and how STU and the STU Alumni Association can bring greater value to your life. 
Many alumni stated their desire to give back to the university as volunteers and supporters. As one respondent wrote, "I am proud of my alma mater and I'm always happy to help out with mentoring or sharing my professional knowledge with students." 
Others had some specific requests, from providing "further opportunities for professional growth" and "more networking events," to creating a job bank for graduates by major/profession". 
Here are the key results from the St. Thomas University Alumni Association's recent survey.

61%  Rate their experience at STU as Excellent
27%  Think STU does a good job in supporting networking with other alumni
65%  Cite lack of time as a barrier to participating in alumni activities; 49% cite geographic distance
90%  Prefer emails as the vehicle of communication from STUAA
53%  Think the frequency of printed materials received from STU (newsletter) is about right; 27% would welcome more
48%  Say attending STU athletic events is very important to them
35%  Say the ability to access listings of available jobs is very important to them
40%  Say the recruitment of experienced faculty plays a very important role in their decision to give to STU

We thank our survey respondents-and all alumni who continue to give us feedback in other ways. We strive to serve your needs and have begun to take action based on what you told us. For example, information-sharing on our Facebook Page and LinkedIn Group has increased, and we're working to create alumni events that enhance networking and professional growth. Stay tuned for more information on how you can get involved!

Congratulations to our Alumni Survey raffle* winner, Carmen Barberis from Hialeah, Fla., and thank you to AT&T for donating a Blackberry Bold 9900 as our raffle prize!
*Every person who participated in our Alumni Survey was entered into a drawing for an AT&T Blackberry Bold 9900.