Hans Malebranche, MBA Sports Administration ’11, Corporate Partnerships Associate, Sam Houston State University

Hans C. Malebranche joined the Sam Houston State athletic department as staff assistant for corporate partnerships in March 2013. He is responsible for selling and executing sponsorship agreements to the mutual benefit of SHSU Athletics and their corporate partners.

Hans previously served as creative services coordinator for Global Event Partners in Hollywood, FL, and in corporate sponsorships for the Miami Marlins baseball club. Before that, he spent two years in Guest Services and Ticket Operations for Sun Life Stadium; home of the Miami Dolphins and University of Miami Hurricanes. His experience includes positions with the Orange Bowl Committee, LA Fitness, Arena Football League, and Northern Illinois University football where he filled roles in marketing, operations, personal training, development, and recruiting.

Hans received his Bachelor of Science in Recreation, Sport and Tourism Management from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in May 2008 and a Master of Business Administration from St. Thomas University in December 2011.

1.  You recently became a corporate partnership associate at Sam Houston, what is your ultimate professional goal?
Ultimately, my goal is to influence the lives of young people. I want to be someone that plays an instrumental component in the personal, professional, physical, and/or spiritual development of everyone I meet, but especially our youth. Since being called to this in 2004, I‘ve developed the tools and knowledge to do this as a livelihood. With regard to my career, this can manifest itself in a myriad of different ways, and I am not tied down to any one path. As my relationship with Christ continues to grow so does my faith that He is in full control; as a man I have the constant desire to make plans based on my own understanding. Considering my recent move from South Beach to East Texas, I would say my logic no longer dictates fully my actions.

2.  What do you love the most about sports?

Family. The magnetic pull I have to sports can be attributed to this unique combination of family, recreation, and wellness. There is an incredible bond forming when a group of people pursue a common goal during an extended period of time. In Genesis 2:18, the scripture talks about man not being able to do it on his own and his need for a helper. He was talking about woman, but on the field or in the locker room, it is your teammates who are there supplementing their strengths for my weaknesses, raising me up when I have fallen. The fact that it all centers around leisure and fitness only makes it that much better.

3.  What did you learn while at STU that has helped you in your career?
When I look back on my time at St. Thomas I think of more than classrooms. I moved from Chicago to Miami and for the first time I was able to make decisions by myself and for myself. I would definitely say my maturation professionally was fast-tracked in that sort of environment. Coordinating fundraising golf tournaments, executing various internships, constructing new social circles, numerous job interviews…I was afforded opportunities to learn, practice, and develop the art of relationship building. That is one of the most essential traits for anyone to know I learned best during my time representing St. Thomas University.

4.  What advice do you give those who would like to pursue a career in your field?
Be patient. Build and subsequently nurture relationships. Rising in the sports industry is about proving yourself consistently on stage and forming a bond with those witnesses to attest to your character and ability…so you can go out and prove it again. It takes time. It is a grind; but if your heart is in it, this is one of the most rewarding fields to pursue a livelihood!

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