Sara Maria Saborido, B.A. ’05 / MBA International Business ’07, Teacher

From the time Sara Maria Saborido was a young girl she was passionate about helping the less fortunate. She has been volunteering at the Missionaries Charity of Mother Teresa since she was eight years old and sponsors an orphanage in India. Her extensive volunteer work did not go unnoticed – when Sara was 14 years old, she had the honor of receiving a letter from Mother Teresa and had an article published in the Miami Herald for her service at the homeless shelter. Her affinity for helping others translated into a career as a teacher for Miami-Dade County Public Schools, where she has been teaching Science for the past seven years. Currently, Sara teaches 7th grade Science, is the Science Fair Chair, the National Junior Honor Society Chapter Supervisor and oversees several other school clubs.  Sara was nominated for Rookie Teacher of the Year her first year of teaching at the age of 22, and received the SPOT Success award from Superintendent of Miami-Dade County Public Schools Alberto M. Carvalho for her excellence in teaching.

Sara graduated from St. Thomas University with a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies and an MBA in International Business. She is currently working on her thesis for her Doctorate in Educational Leadership at St. Thomas University. Sara has a Gospel album entitled Via Dolorosa where all the proceeds go to a charitable organization and is also the official singer for all Miami-Dade County Public School events.

1.  You have accomplished so many great things throughout your life. What keeps you motivated?
I feel very blessed for everything that I’m doing and accomplishing. I’m always motivated to do better and be a better person. I want to motivate people to believe in themselves and have confidence that they can accomplish anything that they want to do, but it takes a lot of hard work.

2.  Why did you want to be a teacher?
I honestly never thought I would end up in this career. At first, I wanted to be a medical doctor but I realized it wasn’t for me. I still wanted to be a doctor, which is why I’m writing my thesis for my Doctorate in Education. I’ve always loved kids, and I always want to be the best role model I can be for them.

3.  You are currently writing your thesis for the Doctorate program at STU. What is the topic and what made you choose it?
My thesis focuses on ESOL students and the specific strategies that are used in the classroom to help them succeed, such as technology, group work, and visual graphs and charts. ESOL students are a big percentage in Miami-Dade Schools and a problem with their success is that teachers do not implement the correct strategies that are useful and will help them succeed in class and pass with good grades.

4.  You received a letter from Mother Teresa when you were 14 years old. What type of impact did it have in your life?
That letter is one of my biggest treasures. It’s framed in my house. Being a volunteer at the Missionaries of Charity of Mother Teresa is one of the most amazing experiences. I try to go whenever I get the chance. Singing for all of the homeless at the shelter brings a true joy to me because I see the smiles on their faces. It’s just a very small way for me to give back to others.

5.  You do quite a bit of volunteer work. Why do you feel that it is so important to give back?
I think giving back to the community and helping other people is very important. It is a way to be thankful for everything that we have, which we normally take for granted. God blesses us so much, and most of the time we forget that. It’s a wake-up call.

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