Silvana Marmolejos, B.A. Communication Arts ‘07, Casting Director at MTV Tr3s Networks & Founder of Quinces Con Causa

Silvana Marmolejos has been a casting director for TV reality shows at MTV & the MTV Tr3s Networks for the past 4 years. Throughout her work trajectory she has interviewed over a thousand potential show cast members and casted over fifty episodes of the well rated and acclaimed “Quiero Mis Quince” (I Want my Sweet 15) for the MTV Tr3s network. She has worked for the “Quiero” reality show brand and has contributed tremendously to their growth over the years.

It was Silvana’s work on “Quiero Mis Quince” that led to the creation of Quinces Con Causa (Sweet 15 with a Cause), a program that provides low-income girls in the U.S. and developing countries the opportunity to celebrate their Quinces (Sweet 15), the Latin American equivalent of a Sweet Sixteen. Quinces Con Causa provides access to basic training intended to help young women develop their potential in the process of entering womanhood. The program strives to motivate and inspire these young women, while giving them the Quinces party that they always dreamed of having.

Silvana graduated from St. Thomas University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts in 2007.

1. Where did the inspiration for Quinces Con Causa come from?
While casting for “Quiero Mis Quinces,” I had the opportunity to work with some very fortunate young ladies. God asked mewhat I was doing for those less fortunate girls who might not have an opportunity to have a Quinces. I realized that it was my God given mission to help these girls and decided to start the program. May God receive full credit; I am only carrying out his mission.

2. What kind of reward do you get from helping these young girls?
God has blessed me with the opportunity to help those less fortunate. I have realized what an honor that is and that is my reward. I am often thanked for the work I do, but I am most thankful for the blessing to be able to serve others.

3. How did St. Thomas University prepare you for your career as a Casting Director at MTV and Social Entrepreneur?
St. Thomas provided all the internships necessary for me to develop my God given talent. The professors, especially Dr. Gloria Ruiz, showed unconditional support and helped me to grow on both a professional and personal level. I LOVE St. Thomas University!!!

4. What advice would you give someone trying to follow your example?
First, you have to know yourself. I often hear people say that you must follow your dreams, but we must stop, reflect and pray for the path we should take before taking a leap of faith. Once this happens we may begin that journey.

5. What is next for Quinces Con Causa?
The next Quinces Con Causa mission will be taking place in New York City this summer, we are currently wrapping up the planning and final logistics. This year we will work with special needs girls who do not have access to certain resources. The main goal of Quinces Con Causa is to foster spiritual and emotional growth in these young women and to motivate and inspire them to achieve their goals. We know that this is God’s mission and we do everything in prayer knowing that He has full control of this project.

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