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  • Political Science Major Miami
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Dr. Robin L. Lovett
  • J.D, Howard University School of Law; B.A., Bethune-Cookman College
  • Associate Professor of Social Sciences (Criminal Justice).
  • (305) 628-6556
  • rlovett@stu.edu 

Dr. Lovett is an Associate Professor of Crimial Justice in the Dept. Of Social Sciences & Counseling at Biscayne College.  Serving as the South Florida Region Chair for the FLOWHE (Florida Office of Women In Higher Education) Organization, she has added greatly to the St. Thomas University community.  In performing her duties, she worked tirelessly to organize and produce the FLOWHE conference in October of 2012.

Areas of Interest:
  • Criminal Justice
  • Women’s Issues
  • Foster Care
  • Justice and Police Systems