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Justice Administration Certificate

The graduate certificate in Justice Administration is designed to provide the student with the concepts and information utilized by administrators within the criminal justice system. This program emphasizes problems, solutions and contemporary issues related to the correctional, law enforcement and judicial areas of the justice system. The certificate is intended to enhance a student’s career in the criminal justice profession.

The Graduate Certificate in Justice Administration is awarded after completing at St. Thomas University twelve (12) credit hours (four courses) from the following list:

    CJA 760 Analysis of Law Enforcement Operations 
    CJA 766 Legal Aspects for Criminal Justice Administration 
    CJA 775 Int. Comparative Criminal Law and Justice Systems
    CJA 780 Problems and Issues in Criminal Justice
    CJA 790 Directed Management and Development Project
    CJA 795 Special Topics in Justice Administration

Admissions and academic requirements for this Graduate Certificate are the same as for the Master of Science in Management degree program. In addition a student must earn a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 for courses applied to a graduate certificate.