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Over 90 STU Students Travel to Immokalee to Study and Take Action in Support of Farmworker Rights

Florida’s farmworkers are some of the poorest and most exploited workers in the United States. In addition to extremely low wages, over the past years there have been hundreds of cases of human trafficking and modern-day slavery in Central Florida’s fields. 

In light of this, the Center for Justice and Peace/Community Engagement worked with faculty from eight courses this past semester to examine the plight of farmworkers from of a variety of academic disciplines. In Theology and Philosophy courses students studied the Catholic social tradition and examined farmworker concerns in light of biblical teachings about justice. In this Fall’s Political Science and English writing community courses, students studying modern-day slavery learned about the history of slavery in Florida agriculture, and heard from leaders who uncovered some of the most recent cases of slavery in Florida’s fields. Finally, communications students studied how farmworkers in Immokalee are organizing themselves using community radio and social media to spread awareness of their rights and fight injustice. 

Students then went on to take action in support of the farmworkers at a rally asking Publix and Wendy’s to ensure that their produce is produced fairly. For more information on Immokalee’s farmworkers visit www.ciw-online.org.