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University Honors Program

The St. Thomas University Honors Program is designed to provide an intensive and stimulating opportunity for students to enhance their college academic experience. Qualified students are offered the opportunity to take Honors courses in the subjects of their choice, and, if they desire, to work for an Honors Program designation. All Honors courses are designated as such on the student's transcript.

Full-time, degree-seeking, undergraduate students are eligible to be considered for the Honors Program. Students who indicate an interest in the program will be considered by the Honors Program Admissions Committee. Selection criteria include: grades, test scores, class ranking, extracurricular activities, letters of recommendation, personal interview, and an essay on why the applicant wishes to be in the Honors Program. Honors Program students demonstrate a sincere interest in, and the necessary preparation for, a challenging program of college study.

Students earn Honors Program designation by taking at least twenty-four (24) credits in Honors courses, earning a minimum grade point average of 3.30 in Honors, and earning an overall grade point average of 3.30. Students must also complete the Honors Lecture Series (HON 301) and the Honors Seminar (HON 401).

Honors Program students are encouraged to apply for awards based on scholarship. Several merit scholarships are given each year to students selected to enter the Honors Program.

Honors Courses
  • ENG 203H Honors Writing
  • ENG 209H Western Literary Masterpieces I
  • ENG 210H Western Literary Masterpieces II
  • ENG 211H Western Literary Masterpieces IIII
  • HIS 101H Western Civilization I
  • HIS 102H Western Civilization II
  • HON 301 Honors Lecture Series
  • HON 401 Honors Seminar
  • PHI 150H Introduction to Philosophy
  • PHI 321H Contemporary Philosophy
  • PHI 332H Ethics
  • STM 150H Introduction to Religious Studies
  • STM 240H History of Christian Thought I

Other Courses
Other courses that may be used toward fulfillment of the Honors designation are MAT 232 and 233 (Calculus I and II) and any Science course (Biology, Chemistry, Physics) that has a required laboratory up to twelve credits. In addition, sections or individuals in sections of other courses may earn Honors credit by written permission of the Honors Program director and the course instructor.