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Center for Justice and Peace: Regional Programs

"Farmworkers are among the most vulnerable and exploited people in our land. Their situation demands a response from people of faith."
-USCCB, Catholic Reflections on Food, Farmers, and Farmworkers

Every year Center for Justice and Peace offers immersion experiences in the fields of Central Florida where students learn about the reality of our food systems today and explore their gospel call to respond.

STM 212C - "Spring Break Immersion for Justice"
Included in these offerings is STM 212C: "Spring Break Immersion for Justice" - a 3 credit, intensive introduction to Catholic Social Thought on immigration, agriculture, farm-labor. The course meets five times in class, and includes a 5-day immersion in Immokalee, Florida over Spring Break. While in Immokalee students meet with some of the world's leading farmworker service and advocacy groups while learning about the reality of farmworkers’ daily lives. Upon returning students work on final collaborative research papers and action projects that join with farmworker organizations in our common struggle to improve the lives of those who bring the food to our tables.

Anthony P. Vinciguerra
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