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Thomas F. Brezenski
  • PhD, MS, Florida State University, BA, Penn State University
  • Associate Professor of Political Science and Government.
  • (305) 474-6906
  • tbrezenski@stu.edu
Thomas F. Brezenski Political Science Degree Teacher

Dr. Thomas Brezenski has been the Associate Professor of Political Science and Government  in the Dept. of Social Sciences & Counseling for Biscayne College at St. Thomas University since 2002. He is the coordinator for the Political Science minor and faculty advisor to “The Empire,” a Political Science Club.  In addition, Dr. Brezenski acts as the coordinator for the annual Consitution Day Celebration at St. Thomas University.

Constitution Day Celebration
Dr. Brezenski coordinates the annual St. Thomas University Constitution Day Celebration. In 2012, the celebration included a mass for America and the Constitution in the Chapel of Saint Anthony.  The day's festivities continued with a patriotic luncheon featuring information booths on both major party presidential candidates and concluded with a highly entertaining Constitution-themed game show. The Empire, the University’s history and political science club, hosts the annual event.  

“Each year, our Constitution Day Celebration is completely student conceived, organized, and run, making it one of the more unique events among higher education institutions.  The celebration epitomizes the University’s mission of “Developing Leaders for Life.”  -Dr. Thomas Brezenski, Director of Political Science for Biscayne College and The Empire club advisor.

Click here for more on our Constitution Day Celebration!

Areas of Interest:
  • Introduction to Political Science
  • Geopolitics
  • American Government
  • Comparative Politics

  • Brezenski, T. F. (2004). The Role of Presidential Power and Cabinet Prestige in the Senate. Conference of New England Political Science Association.