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Degrees in English

The English major specializes in studying the master essayists, poets, dramatists, and novelists throughout the course of global civilization and more specifically in the English speaking world.

Every English major has the opportunity to tailor an individual program of coursework that fits their personal needs and interests. English majors often continue studies in graduate and professional school programs such as law school where skills in critical analysis, writing, creativity, and self expression are highly valued.

English Major:  Literature Emphasis
The literature Emphasis Track focuses on the analysis and interpretation of imaginative literature in its varied genre, periods, special figures, and special topics.

Major Requirements: Literature Emphasis (30 credits)
Core Courses (6 credits)

        ENG 331 Introduction to Shakespeare
        ENG 412C Renaissance and the 17th Century
        ENG 490C Multicultural Literary Criticism 
        ENG 492 Contemporary Literary Criticism  

Program Requiremments (24 Credits):  Eight, 3-credit courses in English (ENG 301 or higher)
        ENG 301 Survey of American Literature I
        ENG 302 Survey of American Literature II
        ENG 317D Key West: History, Literature, Environment
        ENG 322C Forms of Drama
        ENG 324C Introduction to Florida Studies I
        ENG 325D Introduction to Florida Studies II
        ENG 326 Hemingway in Spain
        ENG 331 Introduction to Shakespeare
        ENG 340C The Romantic Movement
        ENG 341 The Victorian Era
        ENG 346 Crime and Punishment
        ENG 351 The Novel
        ENG 355 Modern Aspects in Poetry: Contemporary Enhancements
        ENG 358 Modern Short Story
        ENG 361 Medieval English Literature
        ENG 365 Literature of the Irish
        ENG 366 Introduction to Horror Studies
        ENG 368 Mark Twain and World Humor
        ENG 371C The Epic, Myth, and Media
        ENG 375 Tropics in Literature
        ENG 385 America: Past
        ENG 386 America: Present
        ENG 390C The Bible as Literature
        ENG 412C Renaissance and Seventeenth Century
        ENG 475 Studies in Popular Culture
        ENG 485 American Studies Seminar
        ENG 490C Multicultural Literary Criticism
        ENG 492 Contemporary Literary Criticism
        ENG 495 Special Topics in English

Other appropriate courses in ENG or ENC may be substituted with the approval of the instructor and the Program Director.

English Major: Professional Writing Emphasis
The Professional Writing Track focuses on mastering skills as a professional in business, education, the physical and social sciences, legal and public service careers, or the arts.

Major Requirements: Professional Writing Emphasis (30 Credits)
Core Courses (15 credits)
        ENC 303 Multigenre Research and Writing
        ENC 373 Grammar and Rhetoric in Writing
        ENC 403 Professional and Technical Writing and Editing
        ENC 497 Internship in Professional Writing I
        ENG 490C Multicultural Literary Criticism

Electives (9 credits)
        ENC 333 Creative Writing
        ENC 495 Special Topics in English Professional Writing
        ENC 498 Internship in Professional Writing II
        ENC 499 Internship in Professional Writing III
        ENG 200 Scientific Writing
        ENG 322C Forms of Drama
        ENG 355 Modern Aspects in Poetry
        ENG 358 Modern Short Story
        COM 303 Writing for “TV”
        COM 343 Multimedia Journalism Writing

Other appropriate courses in ENG may be substituted with the approval of the instructor and the Program Director.

Program Requirements (6 credits)
        COM 105 Speech
        CIS 205 Microcomputer Applications
        a higher Level CIS course

For further information, please contact Dr. Rafael Montes, Program Director, Department of English and Humanities, Biscayne College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, St. Thomas University at rmontes@stu.edu  or call  (305) 628-6791.