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Minor in American Studies

The American Studies minor enhances a student's understanding of the United States by exploring the social, cultural, and historical events that have shaped the nation. Courses offer students the opportunity to better comprehend how America has evolved from colonial to contemporary times.

Program Requirements  (18 credits)
Core Courses  (9 credits)
ENG 301  Survey of American Literature I 
ENG 302 Survey of American Literature II
ENG 485  American Studies Seminar 

Electives  (9 credits)
ENG   351   The Novel 
ENG   358   Modern Short Story
ENG   368   Mark Twain and the World of Humor
ENG   385   America: Past 
ENG   386   Multicultural America: Present

Program Student Learning Outcomes: Students completing the American Studies minor:
1. Know the major events in American history from the Era of Discovery to the present.  
2. Understand the important literary achievements of selected American authors.

Program Coordinator: Rafael Montes
Contact Information: (305) 628-6731; rmontes@stu.edu