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Certificate in English and Professional Writing

For students wishing to take a concentration of Professional Writing courses in lieu of majoring in English, a writing certificate curriculum has been developed. It is envisioned that some students electing the Professional Writing Track Certificate coursework might in time become Professional Writing Track majors in English. The Professional Writing Certificate would entail the following 18 credit curriculum:

Professional Writing Certificate Requirements (18 Credits)
Core Courses (9 credits)
        ENC 303 Mulitgenre Research and Writing
        ENC 373 Grammar and Rhetoric in Writing
        ENC 403 Professional and Technical Writing and Editing
Professional Writing Certificate Electives (9 credits)
        ENC 333 Creative Writing
        ENC 495 Special Topics in English Professional Writing
        ENC 497 Writing Internship I
        ENC 498 Writing Internship II
        ENC 499 Writing Internship III
        ENG 200 Scientific and Technical Writing
        ENG 322C Forms of Drama
        ENG 355 Modern Aspects in Poetry
        ENG 358 Modern Short Story
        COM 303 Writing for "TV"
        COM 343 Multimedia Journalism Writing
For further information, please contact Dr. Rafael Montes, Program Director, Department of English and Humanities, Biscayne College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, St. Thomas University at rmontes@stu.edu  or call  (305) 628-6791.