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The History degree within the History, Philosophy and Global Studies department offers students the opportunity to study the past, both for its own sake and for the perspectives it offers on the present.

Historical studies have value for students in any discipline. The student of history learns the nature of evidence and how to handle and interpret many different kinds of evidence. He or she learns to expect and to resolve conflicting interpretations of major issues, and learns the uses and misuses of past experience as a guide to present action. The study of history develops intellectual abilities which will be useful throughout life. Moreover, every discipline has a history of its own, and most base some of their conclusions on data from the past.

Program Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in History
Major Requirements: 36 credits
Core Courses (18 credits)
        COM 105 Speech
        HIS   101 History of Western Civilization I or HIS 105D World Civilization I
        HIS   102 History of Western Civilization II or HIS 106D World Civilization II
        HIS   201 United States History I
        HIS   202 United States History II
        HIS   490 History Seminar 

Program Requirements: 18 credits 
  • Take two 300/400 level courses in History other than U.S. History.        
  • Take one 300/400 level course focused on a historical period from the perspective of another discipline.  (For example, ENG 412: The Renaissance and Seventeenth Century). This course requires approval of the advisor.
  • Take three additional History courses at the 300/400 level.