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Minor in History

A history minor offers students the important advantage of being able to think about and analyze situations from a historical perspective no matter what career they choose.

Program Requirements (18 credits)
Choose one part of the following sequential courses  (6 credits)
HIS    101    History of Western Civilization I
HIS    102    History of Western Civilization II
HIS    105D  World Civilization I
HIS    106D  World Civilization II
HIS    201    United States History I
HIS    202    United States History II
HIS    108    Atlantic History  
Three additional courses at the 300 level or above, 9 credits one of which must be non-U.S. History

Students completing a History minor will:

  1. Understand the major events , people, and ideas of Atlantic history and either United States history, Western history, or world history. 
  2. Develop a capacity for historical analysis, including the use of primary and secondary sources. 
  3. Communicate ideas efficiently in writing and display critical thinking. 

Specialization in Florida Studies  (15 credits)
The specialization in Florida Studies allows students to explore the rich multi-cultural heritage of Florida. This program is designed to give South Florida’s future leaders an understanding of the state’s unique social, ecological, and material environment with all its challenges and opportunities.