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Summer in Spain 2015

June 8 – June 29

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Walk El Camino Santiago

For over ten centuries pilgrims have travelled the ancient road that leads to Santago Compostella where the remains of St. James the Apostle are interred in the city’s grand cathedral. Kings, emperors, popes as well as simple peasants have travelled this path, each for their own reasons. Some sought redemption, others walked for forgiveness, enlightenment, reflection, wisdom, or insight. Whatever the reason the journey became a reminder of their earthly passage with its trials, tribulations, joys, and sorrows. The end of the journey in Santiago brought them to the earthly representation of the heavenly kingdom, the Cathedral.

In the twenty-first century the tradition continues, as people of all ages faiths and nationalities continue to walk the ancient road to Santiago Compostella. Along the way the “peregrinos” as they are called all have their own  spiritual, ecological, intellectual  and physical reasons  for making the journey but they all share the wonder of the unique  sites, scenes, people, food, and drink they encounter on the way.

This Summer
Join Dr. Frank Sicius for a twelve day excursion along El Camino Santiago. It could be life changing; it certainly will be a journey out of the ordinary that you will cherish in your memory forever.

Take a look at last year's walk!

Trip Includes
  • Twelve Days on El Camino Santiago (Leon to Santiago, about 150 Kilometers)
  • Two Nights in Santiago Compostella
  • Seven Days and Nights in Madrid with day trips to Segovia and Toledo.
  • All Meals and Sleeping Arrangements Included.

  • COST:   $2900 for three credit hours in History, All meals and sleeping arrangements and day excursions to Segovia and Toledo, and all museum fees. (Airfare of Approximately $1100 is not included)

Application Deadline is March 15

Trip Limited to Fifteen - Hurry!

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For more information contact:
Dr. Francis J. Sicius, Ph.D.
Professor of History
(305) 628-6657