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Minor in Forensic Criminal Justice

The Minor in Forensic Criminal Justice is designed for those interested in applying the “magic of science” to the justice enterprise. Students are provided with the unique knowledge and skills afforded by the laboratory sciences in 93understanding both why and how a criminal event occurred. Correspondingly, students develop a sound comprehension of the structure and operation of the police and the courtroom where the evidentiary impact of laboratory efforts has practical consequences. This undergraduate minor is meant especially for students majoring in Criminal Justice,  or  Psychology. It is also an appropriate alternative for earning elective credits to any major allowing for 21 or more elective credits.

Career benefits include the pursuit of positions as crime scene analysts. The ultimate goal is to help maximize the effectiveness of police patrols, criminal investigations, and special operations activities.

Program Requirements          (24 Credits)
CRI   101 Introduction to Criminal Justice 
CRI   302 Law Enforcement Systems
CRI   321 Courts and the Criminal Justice System
CRI   435 Scientific Research and Crime Analysis
CRI   485 Criminal Procedures
PSY  470 Psychology of Law
FRS  201 Introduction to Forensic Science 
FRS  (One Upper level Forensic Science Course)

Gary Feinberg, PhD
Contact Information: 305-628-6578; gfeinber@stu.edu