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Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

Forensic Criminal Justice Miami What is nature of the Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice at STU?
The Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice is designed for the career oriented student who plans to go into law enforcement, judicial services, or correctional services. It includes relevant coursework in the social sciences such as criminology, crime and delinquency, white collar criminality, victimology, and organized crime. In addition, students are prepared for administrative roles in such services through classes in police organization, planning and budgeting, and human resource management. Rounding out the interdisciplinary curriculum are courses in law, including constitutional law, criminal procedures, and the sociology of law. The program is proud of its liberal arts heritage and its academic emphasis. Students learn about crime, its causes and consequences, theories of criminal behavior, and how society organizes to promote peace, justice, and order and prevent violence, law breaking, and terrorism.  Alternatively said, it is not a police training center teaching tactical operations, but a center for advancing your knowledge about the nature and scope of crime, the forces affecting its prevalence, the techniques used by its perpetrators, the consequences for its victims, as well as legal, social, psychological, and administrative aspects of running an effective criminal justice system.

What careers are available if I Major in Criminal Justice?
Students who graduate with a major in criminal justice can secure positions with the U.S. Marshal’s Service, the DEA, FBI, Treasury Department, U.S. Customs Officers, as well as local law enforcement agencies. They may also be eligible for work as probation or parole officers, victim assistance workers, correctional employees, private investigators, or postal investigators. Other less well known but exciting possibilities include the Air Marshal’s Service, Guardian Ad Litem, as well as numerous treatment program counselors. Students may also go on for higher degrees in public administration, criminology, criminal justice, or law.

What is special about the Criminal Justice major at STU?
The Criminal Justice major at STU boasts a well published faculty who are dedicated to the teaching enterprise as a full-time career, and unlike many other institutions, makes rare use of part-time adjuncts for whom teaching is only a hobby.

In addition, we take pride in the fact that our graduates include FBI Agents, US Customs Officers, the head of the US Marshal’s Service for the Southern District, numerous chiefs of police, members of the State’s Attorney’s office and the Public Defender’s office, members of the Marine Patrol, Immigration and Naturalization Service officers, and troopers with  Border Patrol. Many of our graduates are currently pursuing careers with local police agencies including the Miami Police Department, Miramar , Metro-Dade, the Broward Sheriff’s Office, etc.

Another advantage of the Criminal Justice major at STU is that allows the student to carry a second major in psychology, political science, English, History, Environmental Justice, among others without having to take extra courses beyond those required for the BA degree.

Lastly, one can also obtain a certificate in Homeland Security and Terrorism Control while at the same time earning the Criminal Justice major. 

Dr. Gary Feinberg,
Program Director and Chair
The Department of Social Sciences and Counseling