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Major in Political Science

About the Major

Political science is “the study of governments, public policies and political processes, systems, and political behavior.  Political science subfields include political theory, political philosophy, political ideology,  political economy, policy studies and analysis, comparative politics, international relations, and a host of related fields” (American  Political Science Association,  2012).

As a Political Science major you will be asked to study the government and review all aspects of civic life. Some of the topics include  and controversial policies such as health care reform, the politics of taxation, elections and campaigns, and foreign policy and conflicts, such as those in Libya and Iraq. 

Why Study Political Science?

Our students learn to critically analyze theories, compare and contrast opinions to understand the issues involved in the field and present clear alternatives for solutions.

Our students acquire practical skills through debates and simulations in class and through participating in internships outside the university. Some students intern in political campaigns and political parties, local and state government or local consulates among others.

Why study at STU?

Since we are a small university, our students get personal attention from full time faculty members who work in creating a path that fits their particular need.

Due to our outstanding reputation for diversity, we are proud to offer courses in the politics of minority groups, women, developing nations, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe and China among others. We not only learn about diversity but we live in unity with students and faculty from different countries of the world in a cosmopolitan city: Miami.

As a Catholic University we care not only about teaching the field of Political Science but also Developing Leaders for Life. Students take courses in Philosophy, Ethics, and World Religion to become global citizens committed to building a better world.

What can you do with a degree in Political Science?

  • You can go to Law School and specialize in different aspects of the law such as family law, international law, criminal law, civil law, and others. According to LSAC (the Law School Admissions Council) Political Science majors form 20% of the applicants to Law School, more than three times the next most popular major

  • You can work in governmental agencies at the federal, state or local level as a political analyst, a government agent or even run for office!

  • You can work representing your country abroad as an Ambassador, consul or as a functionary in different capacities If you are an American citizen, you can work for the State Department

  • You can work in an international organization such as the United Nations, the European Union, or Amnesty International

  • You can do research in politics or global issues to teach as a social science teacher in high school or at the college level.

  • You can work for the private sector, in a multinational corporation, or as an analyst for the media on issues related to politics, elections or others.

Course Requirements

  • POS 101 Introduction To Political Science

  • POS 102 Geopolitics

  • POS 201 Introduction to American Government

  • POS 202D Introduction to Comparative Politics 
  • POS 230 Introduction to International Relations
  • COM 105 Speech

Take 24 credits in Political Science at the 300/400 level

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