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Minor in International Relations

If you have ever wondered how countries communicate with each other, how they go to war against one another, or how they cooperate together on intergovernmental endeavors, this is the perfect minor to compliment any major. In academic institutions as diverse as St Thomas University, courses in International Relations and Comparative Politics are not just lectures, they become interactive learning experiences where students and professors from all over the world can express their viewpoints and thus allow the students to gain an in depth and overall perspective on answers to the above questions. You can specialize even further into this field by going into one of two tracks: Latin America and the Caribbean or Diplomacy and Interstate Relations.

Prerequisite (3 credits)
  • POS 102 Geopolitics

Program Requirements (18 credits)

  • POS 230 Introduction to International Relations

Track on Latin America and The Caribbean

Take 5 courses from the following
  • POS 422 Dictators and Revolutions
  • POS 356D Politics of the Developing Nations
  • POS 365 Caribbean Politics
  • POS 424 Cuba after Castro
  • POS 485C Latin American Economic and Political Development
  • POS 480D Inter-American Relations

Track on Diplomacy and Interstate Relations
Take 5 courses from the following
  • POS 321 European Union Politics
  • POS 332 Political Ideology and Culture Wars
  • POS 336 United Nations and Global Security
  • POS 402 China: International Relations and Politics
  • POS 407 United States Foreign Policy I
  • POS 408 United States Foreign Policy II
  • POS 410D Political & Military Dimensions of Terrorism
  • POS 459 Global Politics

For Political Science Majors,  only one course may be used to satisfy both the Political Science Major requirements and the International Relations Minor requirements. Other courses approved by advisor.

For a list of Political Science course descriptions, please click here.

For more information, please contact the Program Director:

Giselle D. Jamison, Ph.D

Associate Professor of Political Science
Director: Political Science Major and International Relations Minor Programs
Areas of specialization: International relations, comparative politics and the politics of Latin America
Email: biscaynecollege@stu.edu