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Departmental Honors in Psychology

Psychology majors may elect to complete their Psychology degree with an Honors designation. To do so, the student must complete 30 credits 102 of Honors courses at St. Thomas University. These must include 12 credits of General Education Honors courses (See Honors Courses under the Honors Program) and 18 credits of Honors psychology courses. The Honors psychology courses must include PSY 495H1 and 495H2 (Directed Research I and II) as well as four other Honors courses in psychology chosen from PSY 301HO, 335HO, 336HO, 351HO, 355HO, 403HO, 407HO, 435HO, 440HO, and 450HO. Psychology courses not designated for Honors can be taken for honors credit, if the student and instructor agree to a special set of course requirements that meet the Honors program criteria. In order for such courses to be recorded as Honors courses, the student must Drop the regular course and Add the appropriate course with an Honors designation.  

In addition to meeting the above requirements, the student must also:
  1. Submit an application to the Honors Admissions Committee
  2. Complete an interview with the Honors Advisor
  3. Complete all requirements for the Psychology major
  4. Maintain and complete all degree requirements with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.30

Students completing the major in Honors Psychology will:
  1. Demonstrate knowledge of experimental design as well as statistical descriptive and inferential skills
  2. Be able to draw appropriate inferences from numerical data
  3. Demonstrate computer literacy/familiarity with appropriate software: SPSS
  4. Be able to evaluate literature and discern bias in information
  5. Result Section: Interpret qualitative and quantitative data
  6. Be able to detect confounded variables and design settings for appropriate comparisons and conclusions
  7. Research Proposal: Be able to pull diverse sources of information together into a coherent proposal
  8. Demonstrate knowledge of the psychology content areas of: research, child, abnormal, theories, social, learning, cognition, etc.

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