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Psychology Major Requirements

Psychology Majors Study Group

120 credits
Major Requirements  (43 credits)
        COM 105 Speech 
        MAT 205 Applied Statistics 
        PSY 201 Introduction to Psychology 
        PSY 250 Psychological Statistics 
        PSY 304 Psychological Methods of Research 
        PSY 491 Senior Psychology Seminar 
        PSY 491L Senior Psychology Seminar Lab

Clinical: Take one course from the following: 
        PSY 351 Clinical and Counseling Psychology 
        PSY 355 Tests & Measurements 
        PSY 420 Personality Theory 
        PSY 440 Abnormal Psychology

Basic Research Psychology: Take one course from the following
        PSY 301 Cognitive Psychology 
        PSY 335 Psychology of Learning 
        PSY 365 Sensation and Perception 
        PSY 435 Physiological Psychology

Diversity & Culture: Take one course from the following
        PSY 300 Child Psychology 
        PSY 400 Psychology of Adolescence 
        PSY 403 Psychology of Gender 
        PSY 407 Multicultural Issues in Psychology 
        PSY 410 Adult Development and Aging

Applied Psychology: Take one course from the following
        PSY 220 Social Psychology 
        PSY 260 Applied Psychology 
        PSY 315 Psychology of Persuasion 
        PSY 446 Health Psychology 
        PSY 450 The Psychology of Work 
        PSY 470 Psychology of Law

Major Electives: 36-51 credits
        36-51 credits level 100 or above. (Not ENS or ESL)