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Minor in Political Science

About the Minor

This is a good minor for anyone looking to expand his or her knowledge of the inner workings of the American political and civic system. With only 18 credits (6 classes) needed and a wide range of classes to choose from you can actively shape your education and knowledge in this field. Students get to choose their courses from general information courses such as Introduction to Political Science to concrete and topic specific courses such as Political Ideology and Culture Wars.

For a list of Political Science course descriptions, please click here.

Minor Requirements

Select 6 credits from the following courses:
  • POS 101 Introduction to Political Science

  • POS 201 Introduction to American Government

  • POS 202 Introduction to Comparative Politics

  • POS 230 Introduction to International Relations

Take 12 credits of Political Science courses at the 300/400 level.

Thomas F. Brezenski, Ph.D

Associate Professor of Political Science
LSAC Pre Law Advisor
Areas of specialization: American politics, public policy, government and law.
Email: biscaynecollege@stu.edu