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Criminal Justice Certificate

The 12-credit Certificate in Criminal Justice is designed to familiarize students with the organization and operation of the major branches of the criminal justice system, their mandate, and related materials about the nature and causes of crime. Students are introduced to basic legal aspects of administrating justice, the organization and management of justice services, as well as some of the behavioral dimensions of how the judges and other key partners in the justice system carry out their respective roles.

The program requires no prerequisite and is complementary to most majors. The program is also appropriate for persons with or without degrees who would benefit from increased knowledge of the criminal justice system.

Program Requirements (12 Credits)
    CRI 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice 
    CRI 321 Courts and the Criminal Justice System 
    CRI 350 Corrections

Choice of One of the Following
    CRI 225 Crime in South Florida 
    CRI 312 Victimology 
    CRI 319 Crime & Delinquency 
    CRI 460 Community Policing
    CRI 498 Field Internship