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Homeland Security and Terrorism Control

The Certificate Program in Homeland Security and Terrorism Control is designed for students and practitioners who may face security problems posed by criminal and political terrorism—regional, national, and international. It is conceived specifically for law enforcement officers, military, and private security personnel as well as college students with little or no social or political background in regional, national, or international issues of terrorism. Objectives include:

  1. A summary understanding of the complex nature of terrorism; the forms that it takes; the philosophy, rules, policies, external support, and personal commitment of terrorists to the cause; and group as well as family relationships.
  2. A sound understanding of the historical, political, and cultural issues behind the events to which those entrusted with the task of counter-terrorism must respond.
  3. The ability to identify and discuss the issues and personalities underlying many of the major contemporary terrorist movements.
  4. An improved ability to address practical, community centered demands related to the consequences of terrorist acts.
  5. A more elaborate understanding and technical ability in special investigative techniques as they apply to terrorism.
  6. The ability to better understand and overcome special legal and unique tactical problems of arresting, interrogating, and prosecuting terrorists.
  7. An appreciation for and operational strategies to address the ethical issues encountered in investigating terrorist activities.
  8. To obtain a Certificate, a GPA of 2.5 in all four courses and no less than a grade of “C” in any course is required. All courses must be from St. Thomas University. Life experience is inapplicable.

Program Requirements (12 credits)
    CRI 312 Victimology
    CRI 410 Terrorism and Law Enforcement Procedures
    POS 410D Political and Military Dimensions of Terrorism
    SOC 410 The Sociology of Terrorism

Suggested Sequence of Courses: Students should begin their certificate with SOC
410 followed by POS 410, CRI 410 and CRI 312.