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Alumni Testimonials

“Four years have passed since the day I started my journey at St. Thomas University. Meanwhile, I have pursued a Bachelor degree in international business at STU, almost completed a Masters degree from an Italian university, and worked in three different continents (USA, Europe, and Asia). Nowadays, I am working in India as a marketing executive for one of the most valuable brands in the country. 

I will be forever grateful to St. Thomas University for teaching me some of the most important lessons on successful living on both a professional and personal level. The school is a real melting pot that broadens horizons and stretches minds on daily basis and that is its praiseworthy value added. Crossing cultures became a subconscious “curriculum activity” for me and it is now my most regarded competitive advantage.”

- Maria Beatrice Giovanardi 
Bachelor of Business Administration in International Business, 2009-2012

“What I value most from the MBA in International Business program at STU is its emphasis on knowing how to tackle contemporary, real-world challenges or problems in today’s global business environment.  The program provided me with tools necessary to lead in today’s fast-paced global economy.  Additionally, I reap many benefits from the diverse student body and practice-oriented faculty.”
- Jenny Nguyen JD/MBA in International Business
December 2009 Graduate

"After 10 years of working in the market research field focusing in Latin America, the time came for me to return to school. What I was searching for was a school that was able to provide a multi-cultural ambiance not only of the Latin American region, with which I work, but of the world. That is how I came about St. Thomas University (STU), a school that between its top professors and students with diverse customs and experiences, agglomerated people from over 50 different nationalities within its Masters in International Business Program (MIB).   The program included all genres of classes ranging from more quantitative topics such as financing and accounting, economics and quantitative modeling, to more managerial and social topics such as ethics, regional business and global marketing. One may think when searching for a school that a good program and text book are the basis of a good class; however, what one often does not consider is the individual experience of each professor and how they evaluate what can better prepare students for today’s challenging marketplace. In my case, there were only a handful of times when I saw the cafeteria or student center, except to meet my colleague students in order to work on group projects. Be assured though that the University library and   information center are more than what any Masters student could ask for.   I know that I am a better professional and better provide service to my international clients with the knowledge I gained at St. Thomas and I have surely given a step forward toward becoming the “citizen of the world” that all international organizations search for in order to face today’s challenges. "
- Aaron Silva, MIB '09    

“When I was choosing among my graduate school options, I recall looking into every detail of many different institutions across the country in an effort to compare program benefits, affordability, and class flexibility. I finally decided on St. Thomas University because of the school’s renown reputation in upholding diversity, it’s unbeatable location between two major cities- Ft. Lauderdale and Miami, and its affordability. In the time and for the money it takes to obtain a J.D. at most other schools, I will receive both a J.D. and an MBA in International Business from St. Thomas University.           

Additionally, all of the wide ranges of master’s classes at St. Thomas are offered at flexible times at night to accommodate working adults and other full-time students, such as myself. Classes are small, and there are many opportunities to build lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with fellow students, experienced professors, and other members of the staff. Furthermore, each Masters program consists of hand picked classes to provide every student with a wide perspective into their field of study. Overall, I can not imagine doing my MBA anywhere else! I will be forever grateful for the personal and professional growth St. Thomas has afforded me, and I feel confident that a graduate St. Thomas education has prepared me for any career challenges that I may face in the future. “
 - Jivka M. Apostolva, JD/MBA in International Business
December 2009 Graduate   

As an alumnus of St. Thomas University, I am very proud of my alma mater.  St. Thomas University is a comprehensive university and is one of the few schools that treat students as family. I joined the Master of International Business program at the School of Business in spring 2006. As a new foreign student, I was not familiar with the education system in the United States. While working on my masters degree in International Business, I gained through insight in my academic field, while simultaneously improving my English skills. During my study, I took multiple courses in International Business, International Economics, and Managerial Economics, which equipped me with better abilities and skills to better understand and analyze the current international economic issues. Professors at STU’s School of Business not only made us familiar with the textbook, but also provided us opportunities to learn multiple real life case studies that are related to current events.
- Rong Ma, MIB '07

"My education from St. Thomas provided a great base for my personal and professional development.  It`s very impressive as to how much information from the lectures and class discussions is still very relevant today."
- Gustavo E. Ustariz, Class of 1996
General Manager and Lead Consultant
ConTurismo, Consultores Turisticos S de RL
Honduras, Central America

"St. Thomas University welcomed me with open arms despite my religious background.  I was embraced by the faculty, staff and fellow student and immediately felt at home.  Relatively small classes allowed me to get the personal attention I was looking to get from a college.  The vast experience and integrity of the professors carried me through my Bachelor’s and Master's degrees.  I'd recommend St. Thomas University to anyone wholeheartedly. "
- Oded Heilin
Graduated BA - 12/92 
Graduated MBA - 06/94 
Global Hyatt Corporation

"The education I received at St. Thomas was invaluable to my rapid success in the industry. My professors were able to provide classes with personal experiences and the tools to set-up each student for success."
- Michael Basile, Class of 1994
Director of Operations,
Marriott, Bethesda North