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Welcome to the School of Business at St. Thomas University. We are a SACS-accredited, AACSB-aspirant School of Business with approximately 600 students. The only Catholic Archdiocesan-sponsored University in Florida, St. Thomas University boasts a pastoral oasis amid Miami’s urban pulse and enterprise. As a University we place an institutional emphasis on social justice and ethical behavior. Ethical leadership and values also permeate the School of Business’ academic model and practices. We are a School rich in diversity and small in size; our community is one of cohesiveness and collegiality. Our faculty is accessible and approachable; and they share a commitment to respond to individual student needs, one individual at a time.
As we embark upon Fall 2014, let me take this opportunity to extend a warm Welcome Back (and simply A Big Welcome to some) to our students, their parents, prospective students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the Business Board. Gear up! A full year of learning and intellectual enterprise lies ahead.

Like you, I am excited to be here. We are embarking on what I believe will be an impressive next few years of growth in students and programs in the School of Business. Ours will be a world of mainstream business education punctuated by strategic forays into niche areas. Hence, our Masters of Accounting has a forensic accounting concentration; we will elevate Marketing as an undergraduate major in its own right; Entrepreneurship will play a large role in our curriculum; and we are one of only a handful of schools that award undergraduate degrees in Sports Administration. At the graduate level, our online partnership with Hotchalk (www.hotchalk.com) continues to take shape. As we revise our online curricula, spillover effects will also help revamp our in-class and hybrid graduate courses and experiences.

Our forays into niche areas beyond mainstream majors and concentrations reflect our efforts at keeping our curricula and programs relevant to the employment marketplace. At the end of the day, a business degree’s value is best gauged by the quality of its placements. We plan to fine-tune the quality of our education to remain relevant to the demands that our ever-changing economy places on our students and graduates. This cannot be a one-time exercise, but is a virtuous cycle of growth that is aided by the students; faculty; the dean; the Business Board; our alumni; the University; our accrediting bodies; and of course the community – both local and global – around us.

Internships will be another area of focus for us this year and going forward. Today’s successful intern is tomorrow’s successful employee; and is a future successful alumnus for us. Internships enable both students and their employers to gauge each other in an early and low-pressure setting, leading to more successful jobs and careers. To that end, I strongly encourage you, our students, to tune your browser to: www.internships.com/welcome/stu. One of the tools you will find there is the Internship Predictor. This algorithm integrates a cross section of items for assessing preferences in personality traits, interests, and values. The results connect clients to congruent job listings, recommended content for resumes, and a deeper analysis of suggested career tracks. I wish we had these tools when I was an undergraduate student! We intend to have every undergraduate student experience at least one internship during their course of study with us.

We are also actively growing our partnerships with institutions abroad. Our location in Miami Gardens gives us a ring-side view not only of the recently concluded World Cup; but of the growth in nations like China, India, Brazil, Peru, and Panama. Panama, for instance, is gearing up to be the Hong Kong of Latin America. The widening of the Panama Canal will allow for larger container ships to pass through the Canal, bridging the continental divide between the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans. The Port of Miami is expected to be a major beneficiary of this expansion. We, in the School of Business at St. Thomas, will look to develop programs that train students to achieve gainful employment in this burgeoning area. Study abroad programs will grow; as will international trips.

My faculty, staff, and I are always open to new ideas from you. Please do visit us on campus; and on the Web. We are dedicated to the notion that every student is an individual; with individual needs and aspirations. We are here to help achieve your goals and aspirations, one student at a time. 

Go Bobcats!

Thank you.


Som Bhattacharya (Dr.B/Dean B)
Dean, School of Business