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Forensic Accounting Specialization

The Specialization in Forensic Accounting is designed for Master of Accounting students who wish to expand their knowledge in the broad area of forensic accounting. 

Courses in this specialization are designed to provide the accountant with a broad base of knowledge across the field of forensic accounting and more specialized knowledge within the areas of fraud and computer applications and investigation. Forensic career opportunities are available with private companies, government agencies, public accounting and consulting firms, as well as in specialized individual practices.

The graduate specialization will be awarded to those who complete four courses (12 credits) at St. Thomas University from the following forensic accounting courses at the same time as they complete the MAC degree:

ACC  502  Advanced Auditing 
ACC  540  Fraud Examination
ACC  541  Forensic Accounting Applications 
ACC  542  Forensic Accounting Practice Issues 
ACC  543  Computer Auditing and Investigation