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Educational Requirements
Once students have completed their bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in accounting at St. Thomas University, they should be eligible to sit for the CPA exam. In order to be certified as a CPA, The State Board of Accountancy in Florida requires an additional 30 credits beyond the Bachelor’s Degree program and 12 more hours of upper division accounting course work (total of 36 approved upper division accounting coursework.)  St. Thomas University offers the Master of Accounting program to satisfy the CPA requirements.
Accounting majors planning to take the CPA exam are required to take the following classes:
ACC 301 Financial Accounting I
ACC 302 Financial Accounting II
ACC 303 Management Accounting I
ACC 304 Accounting Information Systems
ACC 305 Federal Income Tax
ACC 401 Advanced Accounting
ACC 402 Auditing
ACC 420 Governmental Accounting
BUS 220 Business Law I
BUS 322 Business Law II 
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