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Adult Completion Program

Bachelor of Arts in Business – Business Studies Concentration
The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Business with a Business Studies major is designed for the adult learner who is already employed, but desires a business-related degree to enhance his/her career development. Those who desire a double major, or who have numerous transfer credits, will find this degree attractive. Admission to the Business Studies program is limited to students who have worked fulltime for a minimum of four years prior to their application to the program. Students may focus their studies in Marketing, Information Systems, Decision Making, or Finance.

We offer students opportunities to complete their degree on their time with:
  • Faculty advisors who work with you and review prior education at an accredited college or university to determine eligibility for applicable credit transfer.
  • Your previous work experience may be eligible for credit toward your degree program.
  • CLEP (College Level Education Program) examinations are available to students. To learn more about CLEP examination click here  
  • Classes are offered on a Monday through Thursday evening schedule and some Saturdays over a series of 9-week terms at our easily accessible campus.  

To learn more about CLEP examination click here

Upon completion of this program students will learn to:

1. Express ideas and recommendations in a concise and professional fashion orally and in writing.

2. Acquire an understanding of the major functional activities of an organization and how they must be integrated in pursuit of organizational success.

3. Acquire an understanding of the behavior and specific communication skills required for a successful management career.

4. Acquire an appreciation that management success requires the broad application of knowledge and skills in all organizations: public, private, non-profit, and government.

5. Apply critical thinking skills acquired from exposure to specific subject theories as they have been combined with real-world application.

6. Use the knowledge acquired to serve as the basis for additional graduate education in business, as a specialization, or both.

The program requires students to have a minimum of four years working experience prior to starting the program.  For more information, please contact Professor Lloyd Mitchell at lmitchell@stu.edu

Adult Completion Facts:
Located in Miami
14:1 student to faculty ratio
Student Diversity
Convenient Classes

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