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Bachelor of Arts in Sports Administration

The Bachelor of Arts  (BA) in Sports Administration is an option for students who transfer to St. Thomas University with 60 or more credits. All other Sports Administration majors complete the requirements for the Bachelor of Business Administration degree. This major prepares learners for a management career in the field of Sports Administration. Studies combine business principles and specific topical/functional aspects of managing in a Sports Administration environment in a collegiate, community, or professional organization.

Upon completion of this program students will learn to: 
  • Apply basic business, economic and management principles and practices to a Sports Administration environment.
  • Acquire an understanding of the importance of integrating the organizational activities of all operational and support functionaries.
  • Use their acquired knowledge to pursue an advanced degree in General Management or an additional Sports Administration specialization.

For more information, please contact Dr. Jan Bell at jbell@stu.edu or click on the following links: 

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