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Program Requirements: 54 credits
ACC 201: Principles of Accounting I
ACC 202: Principles of Accounting II
ACC 204: Principles of Managerial Accounting
BUS 120: Principles of Business and Environmental Administration
BUS 220: Business Law I
BUS 309: Management Information Systems
BUS 316D: International & Multinational Management
BUS 326: Quantitative Analysis for Decision Making
BUS 327D: Organizational Behavior
BUS 332: Principles of Marketing
BUS 490: Business Policy
CIS 205: Microcomputers Applications
COM 400: Business Communication & Report Writing
ECO 201: Principles of Macroeconomics
ECO 202: Principles of Microeconomics
ECO 203: Principles of Micro and Environmental Economics
FIN 311: Financial Administration I
MAT 181: Pre-calculus Algebra
MAT 212: Calculus for Business, Economics, and Finance
MAT 205: Applied Statistics
General Electives: 0-12 credits
0-12 credits level 100 or above
Major Requirements (Accounting): 24 credits
Take all eight of the following courses:
ACC 301: Financial Accounting I
ACC 302: Financial Accounting II
ACC 303: Management Accounting I
ACC 304: Accounting Information Systems
ACC 305: Federal Income Tax
ACC 401: Advanced Accounting
ACC 402: Auditing
BUS 322: Business Law