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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of issues do the Career Services Office Counselors handle?

The Career Services Office (CSO) counselors all have earned law degrees and are available to help both students and alumni with career-related issues. The CSO counselors meet with students to: review resumes and cover letters, help students prepare for interviews, counsel students about career exploration, planning their law school experience, handling job offers or salary negotiations, attending job fairs, and a multitude of other issues. Students can sign up for an appointment with a CSO counselor via email or by calling the CSO, (305) 623-2351.

I am a 1L. When can I begin attending CSO Programs or meet with a CSO Counselor?

The American Bar Association, the National Association for Law Placement (NALP), and St. Thomas University School of Law believe that new law students need to take their first semester of law school to adjust to law school and their academic success. For that reason, law schools cannot begin to offer career assistance to 1L students until October 15. Waiting until after October 15 to visit with the CSO will not be prejudicial to you, because the NALP guidelines prohibit all 1L students from contacting potential legal employers before December 1st. The NALP guidelines also prohibit potential legal employers from responding to or contacting 1L students before December 15th. Therefore, take your first semester to adjust to law school and focus on classes. The CSO will let you know when you should begin attending programs and scheduling mandatory appointments with the counselors. During your appointments, your assigned CSO counselor will help you prepare your career plan, resumes, cover letters, interviewing skills, and personal image.

What resources are available through the CSO?

The CSO maintains a collection of directories, career-related books, and materials available for students to use in our office or for check out. Additional handouts and materials are available on the website.

I need help with my resume/cover letter. What should I do?

Once you have created a rough draft of your resume/cover letter, you can either meet with a CSO counselor personally or you can upload your document into Symplicity for review by one of the CSO counselors. A CSO counselor will review your document and make corrections or suggestions on how you can more effectively market yourself. Also, be sure to check your emails for upcoming Lunch and Learn Programs on Drafting Resumes and Cover Letters.

What is Symplicity? How do I obtain a username and password?

Symplicity is the CSO's online system, which allows students and alumni access to job postings, events, and other resources. To create a Symplicity account:

  1. Go to stulawjobs.com.
  2. Click on the "Students/Alumni" icon.
  3. Click on the "Register" tab.
  4. Complete the registration form using your email address (students should use their STU email) and click "Submit".
  5. A verification notice will be sent to the email address you provided. To complete your registration you must click on the link in the message.
  6. Once your registration has been submitted, the Career Services Office will send you a confirmation email with a temporary password, which you will have to change upon logging in. Please give our office 1-2 business days to review your registration and to grant you access to the system.

After receiving the confirmation email, return to stulawjobs.com. Under the "Sign In" tab, enter your username and your temporary password, which was provided to you in the confirmation email. From there, change your temporary password to something you will remember.

What does CLI mean? How do I become one?

CLI means Certified Legal Intern. A CLI is a student or graduate who has participated in the St. Thomas University School of Law Clinical Skills Program. Through the Clinic, students become certified by the Florida Supreme Court to represent clients in court under supervision of a Florida licensed attorney pursuant to Rule 11. Upon graduation and before being sworn into the Florida Bar, the CLI status can be renewed on the student’s behalf by their employer to permit them to represent clients in the Florida public sector such as state attorney, public defender, legal aid, or municipal attorney’s offices. The only way to become a CLI is to participate in one of St. Thomas University School of Law Clinics.

What is OCI? How does it work?

OCI stands for On-Campus Interviewing. The CSO administers the OCI Program twice a year, in fall and spring. OCI attracts law firms, government agencies, and public sector employers looking to hire students for summer and permanent positions. For more information about OCI, please contact the CSO.

Where can I find information about the Bar Application or Examination?

Information about the Florida Bar Application and Examination can be found at www.floridabarexam.org. The Florida Bar results are posted at www.floridasupremecourt.org.

How can I access the career resources or get reciprocity at another law school?

Most law schools offer reciprocity privileges to non-students and non-alumni to use some of their career resources and job postings. This privilege allows out-of-area law students and alumni to use important resources in locations closer to the place where they are seeking employment. After determining the law school you are interested in and checking its policy, complete our reciprocity request form and the CSO will seek reciprocity privileges on your behalf. This service is a courtesy between law schools and should be treated with respect. To maintain the integrity of this process for future students and alumni, please observe all policies of the granting school.

Will the CSO get me a job when I graduate?

The CSO is not a placement office. The CSO staff can teach you how to develop your legal credentials and provide guidance on how you can best market yourself to obtain your desired employment. We facilitate your exploration of legal and non-traditional career paths while linking you with alumni, practitioners, and the community. Statistics show that your first job out of law school will likely not be your last. Therefore, the CSO provides you with the tools and skills necessary to successfully conduct a job search now and in the future.

If you still have a question or cannot find the answer you need, please contact the CSO, (305) 623-2351.