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Faculty Services


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Telephone Numbers

  • Main Library Phone: (305) 623-2330
  • Circulation Desk: (305) 623-2332
  • Reference: (305) 623-2331
  • Faculty Services: (305) 623-2339 — If no answer, call Reference Desk for assistance.
  • Inter-Library Loans: (305) 623-2339
  • Audio-Visual and Media Services: (305) 623-2335 — If no answer, call Circulation Desk for assistance.

Reference Services

The Law Library Reference Department provides a wide range of services to faculty, including:

  • Classroom Research Instruction: Law Librarians present topical library instruction at the Professor’s request. Information on internet resources such as CCH Network, Hein Online, and interdisciplinary sources as well as research instruction in paper-based sources. We will also schedule Library tours for students and new faculty.
  • Individual Faculty Training in Library Sources: Individual training is available to faculty members. Law librarians can provide instruction in internet resources such as Westlaw, Lexis, Hein Online, CCH, BNA and many others. Help is available for MS Windows applications including PowerPoint and Word.
  • Research and Reference: Our Law Librarians can find documents, research legislative histories, pull cases and statues, and perform other library research required by the Law Faculty. Interdisciplinary materials can also be pulled from the Main Library.
    • Reference Department:
    • Courtney Segota, B.A., J.D., M.L.S.
      Phone: (305) 623-2339
      Email: csegota@stu.edu
    • Jacob Hurst, B.S., J.D.
      Phone: (305) 623-2335
      Email: jhurst@stu.edu
  • ILL Request Assistance: Inter-library Loans can supply many of the journal articles and books needed for your research. Faculty inter-library loan service is available via phone or email. Please contact Courtney Segota at extension 2339 or use the email link. Please see the Inter-Library Loan page for more general information on inter-library loan.
  • Research Assistant Instruction: Faculty utilizing student research assistants can refer them to the library for training and assistance. Particularly helpful to upper division law students is instruction in interdisciplinary sources, as well as foreign and international law. Please contact Courtney Segota at extension 2339.
  • Web Course Set-Up and Modification (TWEN and Blackboard): Lexis and Westlaw web course setup is provided by Courtney Segota, the Faculty Services Librarian. Both TWEN and Blackboard are equally supported by the law library. Please provide a syllabus and password information for the initial set-up.
  • Circulation: Faculty may borrow most items from the law library. See the Circulation Chart for more information. Items from the Main Library may also be borrowed.
  • Current Awareness Services: The law library supplies faculty BNA E-mail Updates every day to your inbox. Notification services from Westlaw and Lexis can be established, to provide notice of new laws and articles within your research areas.

Faculty Purchase Requests

The Law Library will, at a faculty member's request, purchase books, audiovisual items or other materials for the Library collections. We will also handle ordering office copies of books for faculty. Please email Courtney Segota with your purchase requests. Please specify if items are to be ordered on your office account, or if you would like them added to the Law Library collection.

Faculty Publications

The Law Library keeps a glass display case of recent faculty publications next to to the faculty offices, as well as acquiring and keeping faculty publications for our collection. Please send three copies of your new publications for display to the Faculty Services Librarian. Older publications are displayed in the Law Library. The Library also keeps an online list of faculty publications from the last five years.

The Law Library can also provide assistance with article submissions via ExpressO, Scholastica, and SSRN. Please contact the Faculty Services Librarian for more information.

Click to view Faculty Publications

Audio-Visual and Multimedia Assistance

The Law Library Audio-Visual Department offers several services for faculty.

  • Classroom Support: The Law Library supports technology in law school classrooms. If you require use of any Audio-Visual items installed in classrooms including LCD projectors, televisions or sound systems or the use of portable equipment for class, make a request 24 hours in advance through email. Requests for equipment or assistance for multiple classes or for the entire semester should be directed to Jacob Hurst. Limited support is available for law school classes in Main Campus classrooms. For more information on classroom support, see our Audio-Visual Department page.
  • Equipment Loans: The Law Library, in certain instances, will loan equipment to faculty members for use outside of normal A/V Department hours. See Jacob Hurst for more information.
  • Video Recording: Video recording is available for make-up or review classes, student assignments, religious holidays or guest speakers. In the case of make-up classes and religious holidays, one copy of each recording is placed on reserve and will be available for students to check out for a four-hour period for viewing. Religious holiday classes are usually pulled after a period of three weeks, while make-up and review classes are generally available for the remainder of the semester. For guest spreakers, one to two copies will be made for the professor. If requested, one copy will be made available for students to check out. For student assignments, two copies will be provided: one for the professor, one for the student. Student copies will be available for pickup at the Law Library circulation desk unless otherwise requested by the professor. Please note that all other video recording requests, particularly any recording of a class that will only be made available to a limited number of that class' students, must be made through Dean Hernandez. The Law Library Audio-Visual Department will not respond to any requests not made by Dean Hernandez.