Academic Support Program

St. Thomas University School of Law is committed to student success both in law school and beyond. Using an interactive and cooperative approach to learning, our unique academic support programs assist students in developing the requisite skills for success in both the study and the practice of law.

Our Academic Support program consists of two distinct, yet complementary components. First Year Academic Support is handled exclusively by the Director of Academic Support, Professor Todd Sullivan. Professor Sullivan oversees the Active Learning Program designed to assist first year students with acquiring the skills necessary to successfully compete in the law school classroom and on law school examinations. Discussion groups are led by Active Learning Instructors (“ALIs” ), successful upper class students, designated for each first year substantive class (Torts, Contracts, Civil Procedure and Property). The ALIs guide the 1Ls through a series of exercises over the course of the semester to allow the students to gain awareness and insight into the skills and concepts applicable to each course. The ALIs do not “re-teach” the material or act as tutors. Students should always consult with their professors if they are having trouble understanding concepts or need help with the doctrine. Professor Sullivan also acts as a resource to the 1L students providing tips on test taking techniques, improving their examination writing skills and providing guidance in finding samples of exam-type questions. Any 1L student who is experiencing concerns or problems in regard to his or her study skills should consult with Professor Sullivan.

The second component of our Academic Support Program is headed by Assistant Dean for Academic Support, Dean Barbara Singer. Dean Singer is a recognized expert in Bar Preparation and actively assists the 2L and 3L students and recent graduates in enhancing their test taking skills. She particularly focuses on strategies that will improve their performance on the Bar Examination. She also trains the faculty and acts as a resource to the faculty in designing questions and examination techniques that will emulate Bar Examination-type questions. Dean Singer designs study program for 2L and 3L students who have encountered academic problems with an aim toward assisting them with successfully completing law school with the knowledge and skills necessary to pass the bar examination. Dean Singer provides Bar Review lectures to recent graduates prior to the administration of each Bar Examination and provides feedback and guidance on essay writing.

Law school is demanding and competitive, however, we believe our 1L and upper class Academic Support programs assist our students in achieving success in school and on the Bar Examination.

First-Year Active Learning Program
Writing Enhancement & Skills (WES)