Orientation FAQs

Q: When will syllabi and book lists be posted?
A: Book lists and syllabi will be posted once we have received the information from the professors. We are in the process of compiling that information, and it will be posted as soon as we receive it. 

Q: Where will information regarding books and syllabi be posted?
A: All information pertaining to books and reading assignments will be posted on the St. Thomas Law Orientation website. Please check the Orientation website periodically for updates.

Q: Will the book list(s) posted on the Class of 2017 website be added to, or amended by my professors?
A: No. The lists currently posted are an exhaustive list. 

Q: If Financial Aid funds are not released until after classes start, how can I purchase my books ahead of time?
A: Depending on when you applied for Financial Aid, your refund will be released within the first few weeks of school. If you are anxious to get your books, you can purchase them before classes begin and use your Financial Aid refund to pay off your balances once the funds are dispersed.

Q: How can I get credit to purchase my books?
A: When you apply for financial aid, you can apply for additional funds for your books. Those additional funds will be issued to you (upon your request) in the form of book vouchers. These vouchers are to be used at our campus bookstore only. You may visit the Bobcat Enrollment Center to request a book voucher (or book vouchers) from one of the Enrollment Service Specialists. We encourage all students to obtain an estimated value of their total cost of books and supplies directly from the St. Thomas University Bookstore before requesting book vouchers. Once book vouchers are issued they cannot be returned, refunded, or adjusted. More information regarding vouchers will be released on or around the first week of August 2014.

Q: May I use my St. Thomas book vouchers anywhere else on campus?
A: Book vouchers are only accepted in the St. Thomas University Bookstore.

Q: Is there any other way I can obtain my law school books at reduced or no cost?
A: No. Students are provided a book allowance in their Financial Aid. This is the preferred method for obtaining books for courses. If a student is facing extreme financial circumstances and is in dire need of assistance, he or she may meet with the professor or the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs to discuss the student's personal financial situation and the inability to fund the purchase of class materials. 

Q: When will I receive my Lexis/Westlaw Passwords? 
A: You can stop by the library during Orientation to receive the login information for Westlaw and Lexis Nexis. You do not need to retrieve them before Orientation.