Volume 4, Issue 23, March 13, 2014



Attendees of Balancing Life & Law

What’s Going On

March 13 & 14:

Graduation Expo (Pictures & Announcements) Bobcat Hall

March 13 & 18:

Dean Ray’s Job Search Strategies & Advanced Interview Skills

March 15:

Barrister’s Ball @ 6:00 p.m.
March 15:

2014 ESLS Symposium

March 18:

Prayer and Reflection, Room 215 @ 12:10 p.m.

April 1:

Law Day, Goldbloom Convocation Hall @ 12:00 p.m.

April 8:

Dress 4 Success @ 12:00 p.m.

All third-year students planning to take the Bar examination following graduation this May need to make a Bar Preparation Program selection, by submitting a Bar Review Selection Form to the Law School Registrar’s Office. They can pick any one of the following 3 options plus also opt to include the new PMBR (formerly Kaplan 3day/6day) program to their selection.

The selections are BARBRI Complete Bar Review Program, KAPLAN Complete Bar Review Program, or THEMIS Complete Bar Review Program. Third-year students must notify the Law School Registrar of their final and official selection (or make any modifications to the selection that they previously made) by Friday, March 21, 2014. No modifications to student’s selection will be made after that date, so students must make sure to finalize their selection by 5:00 p.m. on March 21st. The law school will be invoiced and pay for the students program after that date, so no adjustments can be made. Making an election with the representatives or filling out their registration forms (which may be required by the programs) does not act as the election you are making to the law school. The law school is going to pay for whatever program(s) you have notified us that you are taking by completing the law school form. Similarly, submitting the Bar Review Selection Form to the Law School does not automatically register you into your desired bar prep program. Be sure to contact the appropriate Bar Prep Program representative for registration requirements.

If you have any questions, or to get detailed explanation of what the various programs offer, representatives from each program are available in the Cordero Breezeway at various days and times throughout the semester, or you may contact a representative via e-mail. For questions about Kaplan, contact Amit Schlesinger at amit.schlesinger@kaplan.com; for BARBRI, contact Elyse Dubois at elyse.dubois@barbri.com; and for Themis, contact Nachman Susson at Nachman.Susson@themisbar.com. Please speak to the program representatives for more details on each program.

Make sure you do your homework and thoroughly research which program will be best suited to your study needs. Remember that each representative is going to try to “sell” you on his or her program. Be a wise consumer and pick the program that works best for you.

The deadline to submit your selection for one of the Bar Review Programs provided by St. Thomas University School of Law upon your graduation is Friday, March 21, 2014. You can submit the form in person at the Registrar’s counter or to Ms. Cathy Hayes in the Law School’s Student Affairs Office.

Please note that your selection is final upon submission and cannot be changed.

In addition to the Bar Review Selection Form, make sure to fill out the registration form with the appropriate Bar Prep Program Provider.

The St Thomas Law Student Bar Association (SBA) held election, and new officers were elected by the student body. The new officers are President – Lorena Duarte, Vice President – Joyner Aguiar, Secretary – James R. Williams, and Treasurer – Sunrise Bolufe. The new ABA Representative is Ileana Garcia. The following students were elected as the new student representatives to the Honor Council: Olga Shrerun, Ricaldi “Ricky” Marc, and Tayron Lopez.

The St. Thomas Law Career Services and The Dade County Bar Association Student Chapter present Dean Ray’s Job Search Strategies & Advanced Interview Skills on Thursday, March 13, 2014, at 5:00 p.m. in Room CPD-113, and Tuesday, March 18, 2014, at 12:00 p.m. in Room A-112.

Dean Ray will discuss what employers are looking for, how to build a record and skill set that will make you marketable, and how to present yourself. Also learn how to succeed in an interview including how to prepare, how to make a good first impression, how to respond to questions, how to ask good questions, and how to follow up. Please RSVP to Teresita Chavez Pedrosa (tchavez@stu.edu); food will be provided.

Professor Todd Sullivan is the Director of Academic Support and runs the ALI program, the TOP program, and the Orientation Mentor Program, and he is looking for students to fill these roles for the incoming class. If you have an interest in any or all of the above, please let him know with a simple letter of intent. All of these positions are an integral part of the environment we have developed here at St. Thomas University School of Law.

No decisions will be made until everyone has had the opportunity to express their interest in any of these positions. He knows you are very busy now but wanted to start the conversation. Many students have inquired about the possibility of being involved next year, and he wants everyone to know that all interested will be considered.

Do not base your entire decision on your academic performance first semester. Grades are not the only factor for these positions. Other factor considered include but are not limited to the following: 1) The desire to help and mentor students, 2) Work ethic, 3) Personality, 4) Sense of responsibility, and most importantly, and 5) Professionalism.

The ALI positions require an interview through the academic support department. Please feel free to contact Professor Sullivan at tsullivan@stu.edu. The applications will be sent later in the semester. Feel free to approach your professor about the possibility to become his or her ALI next year, but keep in mind the professor cannot commit to any one student at this point. Everyone is given an opportunity to interview, and all applicants will be considered.

Faculty Announcements
Professor Michael Vastine was a co-panelist on the CLE Audio Seminar Post-conviction Relief in a Post-Chaidez World, broadcast by the American Immigration Lawyers Association on March 4. Prof. Vastine addressed the means for remedying violations of Sixth Amendment right to effective counsel for immigrant defendants (particularly the right accurate advice regarding the immigration consequences of a conviction), state variation in permitting such claims, and the right to litigate post-conviction relief and appeals thereof, notwithstanding the physical deportation of the defendant.