Volume 4, Issue 5, September 19, 2013



What’s Going On

September 19: 

Organizational Fair, Law School Breezeway

September 20:

Professionalism Day for 1L Students, Moot Courtroom

September 26: 

Practice Area Lunch & Learn, Room A-111 @ 12 noon

September 27:

U.S. Air Force JAG, Career Services

September 30 - October 4:

Graduation Registration, Registrar’s Office

October 2:

Career Services Sponsors Breezeway Chatter, Breezeway @ 1:00pm

Guidelines for Choosing the Proper Form for Filing with the Florida Board of Bar Examiners
All students intending to sit eventually for the Florida Bar will have to complete a Bar Application. The way in which the forms are designated on the Florida Board of Bar Examiners Website is a bit confusing. If you a first-year student or an upper level student who has not previously filed with the Florida Bar and who is not planning to sit for the Florida Bar examination before February 2015, you will use the form entitled “Register as a First Year Student.” This means 2L students still use this portal. The “Registration” is actually the application, not just a “registration.” If you are filing for the first time and you plan to sit for the February or July 2014 exam then you would use the form entitled “File a Bar Application.”

If you previously filed a student or CLI registration and you plan to sit for the February or July 2014 exam, use the form entitled “Convert a Student Registration or CLI Registration to Pursue Admission to the Florida Bar.”

All of the forms listed above are available under the “Checklists, Forms, Study Guides, and Information” tab on the main page of the Florida Board of Bar Examiners Website. If you have any questions or need assistance, contact Assistant Dean Barbara Singer (bsinger@stu.edu) or Assistant Dean John Hernandez (jhernandez@stu.edu).

Notice to all Students Planning to Take the Upcoming MPRE Examination
All students planning to take the MPRE Examination on November 2, 2013, should attend the review course sponsored by BARBRI on Saturday, October 19, 2013, in the Moot Courtroom from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. Attendance is mandatory for students enrolled in Professor Pertnoy and Rizzardi’s Professional Responsibility class.

You also should get all the MPRE review materials from Themis and Kaplan Preparation Programs. You can speak with the representatives from the bar preparation programs in the breezeway to find out how to access their materials.

Mentoring Program for 1L Students
A new Mentoring Program has been implemented at St. Thomas Law. Now, every 1L student has been assigned a Mentor. The Mentor-Mentee list is available online at the St. Thomas Law Website by looking under Student Affairs. Also, mentors may be e-mailing their mentees to set up meetings. Some of the mentors have set up initial meetings with their mentees at the informal luncheon following the Professionalism Presentation on Friday. This new program is a purely voluntary program designed to provide 1L students a resource to assist with questions about law school generally, course scheduling (when it comes time to do that), possible career options, etc. All law students can (and should) consult their current professors if they have questions about the substantive law in any course. Also, even if a professor is not officially designated as a “mentor,” any law student should feel comfortable approaching the law faculty for guidance and assistance. We purposely assigned the 1L students mentors who are not their current teachers so they have another resource. All students are also always welcome to come see Assistant Dean Hernandez, Assistant Dean Singer, Assistant Dean Fonseca-Nader, or all three, with any problems or concerns or when seeking guidance.

Faculty Announcements
Professor Alfred Light published an article in the August 2013 Edition of the ABA Section of Environment Energy and Resources, Smart Growth, and Green Buildings Newsletter. Professor Light’s article calls into question whether the current LEED rating System for Neighborhood Development actually promotes protection of the environment or the principle of sustainability.

Professor Ira Steven Nathenson served as a moderator of a panel on trademark law at the annual conference of the Southeastern Association of Law Schools in August. The panel included professors from five other schools on the topic "Forces that Shape Federal Trademark Law," and addressed a variety of issues that will affect federal trademark law in the coming years, such as international law, administrative procedures, state law, business practices, and the internet. The day prior, Professor Nathenson hosted a lunch for the panelists and guests to discuss the panel and trademark issues.

Professor Amy D. Ronner's article, "Let's Get the 'Trans' and 'Sex' Out of it and Free Us All," was published in 16 The Journal of Gender, Race & Justice 859 (2013). Professor Ronner, also spoke this summer on "Dostoevsky and Mental Capacity Doctrine" at the International Dostoevsky Conference in Moscow, Russia. Professor Ronner is on sabbatical for the Fall, but she will return to teaching in the Spring.