Student Affairs

Welcome to the Office for Student Affairs at St. Thomas University School of Law. Our mission is to serve our students and to help resolve any problems that may arise for our students as they pursue their Juris Doctorate or LL.M. degrees here at St. Thomas . If a student encounters a problem that may hinder his or her success in law school, I encourage that student to visit the Office for Student Affairs. We have a dedicated team that has years of experience in dealing with a variety of student-related issues and concerns. As a team, we measure our success by how well we assist our students in avoiding and overcoming any problems that might otherwise interfere with their successful completion of our law school programs.

Again, the Office for Student Affairs is here to help and serve our students. Whether you have a simple question or a serious problem, we will do our best to assist you.

Below you will find many of the different areas and activities which the Office for Student Affairs directly oversees and facilitates:
  • Coordinate all logistics for school-wide events such as Orientation; Law Day; Distinguished Speaker Lectures; and Graduation.
  • Continually revise the law school catalog and the handbook for all law students.
  • Provide academic and course counseling to students.
  • Work with the Office of the Registrar and the Office of Career Services to ensure students meet their course, residency and pro bono requirements for graduation.
  • Approve scheduling changes, overload request, request for leaves of absence and otherwise work with students who need guidance with regard to course selections.
  • Assess academic work completed at other law schools, foreign institutions or in study abroad programs.
  • Serve as the law school’s academic advisor with regard to students in the various Joint Degree programs.
  • Evaluate and facilitate accommodations for those students seeking disability accommodations.
  • Counsel students encountering academic difficulties and coordinate students’ petitions for re-admission.
  • In conjunction with the University bookstore and law library, ensure that our students have access to necessary books and course materials.
  • Serve as the liaison for law students with the University’s business, financial aid and campus housing offices.
  • Investigate potential violations of the Honor Code and refer matters as appropriate to the Academic Integrity Committee.
  • Assist with the creation and continuing viability of our law student organizations, and coordinate any student organization-related travels.
  • Oversee scholarship and writing competition opportunities specifically for our students and help students pursue other competitive scholarships and writing competitions.
  • Coordinate and enforce the policies regarding attendance of classes and examinations.
  • Assist students with disclosures to the Bar and with the amendment or updating of law school applications.