St. Thomas University School of Law Student Chapter of the Dade County Bar Association

The Dade County Bar Association (“DCBA”) is the largest lawyer network in Miami-Dade County and the largest voluntary bar association in Florida. The St. Thomas University School of Law Student Chapter is committed to increasing student membership with the DCBA. Through DCBA membership, students have opportunities to connect with attorneys and judges, mentors, and future colleagues in a number of unique ways. Student members have the opportunity to attend social networking events, educational events, and pro bono/community service events with DCBA members. Networking is an integral part of the legal profession and the St. Thomas University Student Chapter of the DCBA provides an avenue for students to begin making these essential connections.

Board Members:

Nataly Gutierrez, President

Pablo Leal, Vice President

Robert Lee, Treasurer

Michelle Castillo, Secretary

Faculty/Staff Advisor:

Marcia Narine