Student Bar Association

The objectives of the Student Bar Association of St. Thomas University School of Law are to ensure a student government based upon the will of the student body and to provide a forum for the expression of ideas concerning the social, ethical, and intellectual aspects of student life. The SBA shall also encourage the initiation of educational programs in order to achieve and maintain a high standard of education at the School of Law. Finally, the SBA provides for association among students, faculty, and administration, promotes a close affiliation between students and members of the legal profession and pursues the high standard of professionalism necessary to excel in the legal community. Each law student is automatically a member of the SBA and has an opportunity to participate in the activities and responsibilities of the organization.

Statement of Purpose:

The Student Bar Association (SBA) of St. Thomas University School of Law is dedicated to serving as a liaison between the student body and the law school administration. Motivated by the student body, it strives to ensure that all of their issues and concerns are handled in the way that best meets the student’s needs, while fostering professional relationships throughout the law school in order to provide a successful law school experience.

Executive Board
Lorena Duarte, President
Joyner Aguiar, Vice President
Michelle Rodriguez, Treasurer
James Williams, Secretary
3L Senators
Michael's Saint-Vil
Jerry Hosey
Anthony Merrill
Brandy Raulerson
Michelle Castillo
Honor Council
Olga Shperun, Representative
Ricky Marc, Representative
Tayron Lopez, Representative
2L Senators
Juan Martin
Denise Calle
Tayron Lopez
Ricky Marc
Steven Shack

1L Senators
Anthony Gonzalez
Marcell Gash
Sydney Upshaw-Cravey
Antonio Dowels
Max Pomeranz