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Matthew W. Dietz

Adjunct Professor of Law

J.D., cum laude, Brooklyn Law School, 1996
B.S., Boston University, School of Management, 1992

Matthew W. Dietz has been practicing in the arena of civil rights litigation since 1996 and litigated over 500 cases in trial and appellate courts involving Americans with Disabilities Act, Fair Housing Act and other civil rights laws regarding the rights of Persons with Disabilities, and others seeking equal rights under the law on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, age, familial status, and sexual orientation and gender identity.
Mr. Dietz has been a very active writer, advocate and speaker on disability rights issues.  He founded Disability Independence Group, a non-profit corporation, which strives to encourage more persons with disabilities to have equal opportunities in the workforce. Disability Independence Group conducted the first focus group of lawyers with disabilities to identify barriers throughout the legal profession in Florida as well a conducting a survey of needs all Florida lawyers with disabilities.

In addition to representing and working with several local and national fair housing organizations and disability organizations, Mr. Dietz is a member of the advisory Board of Directors of the Burton Blatt Institute, located at Syracuse University, which is the premier organization to advance civic, economic, and social participation of persons with disabilities. 

He was past chair of the Equal Opportunities in the Law Section of the Florida Bar, past chair of the Civil Rights Section of the American Association for Justice, past-chair of the Public Interest Law Section of the Florida Bar, and the past-chair of the Disability Committee within that section. In his work within the Florida Bar, Mr. Dietz drafted proposed Rule of Administrative Procedure 2.540, which provided guidelines for providing accommodations for Persons with Disabilities in Florida Courts. Mr. Dietz was also appointed to the Florida Supreme Court standing committee on Fairness and Diversity and the accessibility workgroup of the Florida Third District Court of Appeal, and Florida 11th Circuit Court in and for Miami Dade County.  In 2004, he was awarded the G. Kirk Haas Humanitarian Award for his work on behalf of persons with disabilities.


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  • Florida Bar's 2003-2004 G. Kirk Haas Humanitarian Award